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The fun way to share your best chess games

Finally, an online place to store your chess games and share your favorites with your friends!

Store your games privately. Share your best with the world.

ChessDrop is an online home for all your chess games — available anytime, anywhere and from any device. Use your smartphone to analyze and record your games at tournaments. And when you like, share your best one with your friends in WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Lance Henderson - Abhijeet Gupta
Magnus Carlsen - Fabiano Caruana
Paul Morphy - Jacques Chamouillet
Susan Polgar - Anatoly Karpov

All your games in one place

The days of having your games spread across an endless number of PGN files, iPad apps and paper are over. With ChessDrop, all your games are available in one place — accessible anytime and anywhere.

Maxime Vachier-Lagrave - Fabiano Caruana
Ding Liren - Wang Hao
Ian Nepomniachtchi - Kirill Alekseenko
Candidates Tournament

Organize by event

ChessDrop can organize your games by event, providing convenient access to both sharing and exporting. When we go to tournaments, for example, we’ll send the event link to our son’s coach, who can follow along from afar.

Lance Henderson - Gharibyan Mamikon

Comments & variations

ChessDrop allows you to annotate your games with comments, variations and move icons. This is super-useful for both pre-tournament preparation, as well as post-game analysis with a coach. In fact, these features are what makes ChessDrop so attractive to both individuals and educational organizations!

Lance Henderson - Abhijeet Gupta
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Share your games and events

ChessDrop is private, by design. Each game and event in your account will be assigned a unique, hard-to-guess URL—providing privacy through obscurity. But since these URLs are normal links, you can share them whenever you like! For example, if you share your game with an opponent, he or she will be able to add a copy of the game to their own ChessDrop account, saving entry time.

As another example, say you’re at a tournament and want to share your games with your coach. After entering your first game, just send your coach he event link created by ChessDrop, and he or she will have access to your current and future games recorded at that event!

Works everywhere

From your desktop computer to smartphones and tablets, ChessDrop is the truly mobile solution.

Analyze your games

Use the built-in chess engine to check for great moves, missed opportunities, and even those painful blunders!

Comments & variations

Annotate your games with comments, variation trees and move icons. Great for both preparation and post-game analysis.

Beautiful design

Created by the team that has built critically acclaimed products for Google, ChessDrop was been designed for intuitive ease of use.

Invite your opponents

Save your opponent some recording time by letting them import a copy of your game into their own ChessDrop account.

Export your games

With PGN export facilities, you can store your games in ChessDrop with full confidence that your data is never locked within our system.

Praise from chess teachers and coaches

ChessDrop is my new go-to tool for the online portion of my chess class. Getting Chess in the schools in our district just became much easier since we have a means for teaching online. The price is extremely reasonable and the interface just keeps getting better. Love the customer service and responsiveness of the design team. Thanks ChessDrop — I’m excited to see where this tool will take us!

Martin KlubeckChess Teacher, Club Director, Coach, University of Notre Dame

Between rounds in a tournament, my players whip out their phones to put their game into ChessDrop. We then open them on a laptop or project them onto a screen for instant analysis. If we get stuck, we turn on engine analysis for clarification. ChessDrop has become my database of choice for student games and my go-to resource for teaching from them.

Lucas AndersonLibrarian & Chess Coach, Awty International School, Houston, Texas

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